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Daily Scribbles

A place to post your random sketches

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I started this community because of my love of daily scribbles/doodles/what have you.

Please join! There are no requirements for members, just post a scribble when you feel like it. It doesn't have to be finished. In fact, the less finished, the better! (although finished stuffs are still welcome)

Time for the rules!

General Nettiquette should be observed at all times. No flaming wars or the like.

Your posts should contain an original picture you have drawn. No swipes. (A swipe is a direct copy off another piece of artwork not drawn by you). You are allowed to post a picture that used a reference, but as a courtesy thing, please at the least mention you used a reference. Providing a link to the referenced picture will earn you extra brownie points and this swell paper hat.

I reserve the right to nuke old posts that have since lost the images that were in them. If you move/detete the images from the post, please also remove or update the post or I will do it for you. I don't expect you to keep images up just so this thread can see them, just know this will be happening.

Also, please do think of the 56k-ers. If the image is big (above 110k), please use an LJ-cut.

Any queries, email Jem at the address above.