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i did this artwork today [Aug. 16th, 2006|04:19 pm]
Daily Scribbles


[music |Naoshi Mizuta - Tough Battle #2]

Hello, I would like to share my web comic with you all, please give it love...

its a gender bender story about boys turning into girls, girls turning into boys, and so much more <3

much larger 150 dpi backround desktop image http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m182/hott_the_comic/hottdemolilly.jpg

much larger 150 dpi backround desktop image http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m182/hott_the_comic/hottdemo.jpg

Please visit each characters's journal to learn more about Hott and the people in the story. Each character keeps a journal in live time. The world of Hott is realtime, at times : )

If you want to hear more of Lilly's, or Bob's thoughts, facts, theories and bad jokes please visit their journals that are a part of the Hott web comic.

Lilly's Journal http://lilly-hope-hott.livejournal.com lilly_hope_hott

Bob's Journal http://bob-king-hott.livejournal.com bob_king_hott

comments are useful!

thank you!

hott the web comic